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Electric slicer made of aluminum and stainless steel that includes 2 interchangeable Ø19cm cutting discs, with non-stick ceramic coating and extra-fine cuts between 0.1 and 20 mm thick. A special disc for bread and another to cut meat, cold cuts, cheeses, fruits and vegetables to the millimeter. Both discs guarantee maximum precision.


Power and cutting precision: With 200W of power, it achieves a cutting precision of 0.1 to 20 mm thick. Gradual precise calibration for perfect results in all types of food.

Two precision cutting discs , one special for cutting bread and the other for all types of food. Made of stainless steel covered with non-stick ceramic material.

Ergonomic design: with a handle-guide to protect the hand during cutting and avoid accidents, its slide carriage is smooth and long travel.

The slicer discs are free of PFOA and PTEF, are interchangeable with just one click and easy to clean after use.

Strong and durable materials in all the elements of the Slicer, such as stainless steel and the ceramic coating of its two cutting discs.

Comprehensive safety measures: Quick start and stop mechanism, legs with non-slip suction cups, grip guide for easy grip and friction and an extra protective screen for fingers and hands.