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Pack of 2 brushes: Lateral Brush x1 Left x1 Right for NETBOT S14 / S15. Accessory or replacement for Netbot cleaning robot. The design consists of 3 brushes allowing a greater range of corners and edges. It sweeps dirt, dust, hairs and rubbish towards the centre of the cleaning robot, allowing it to be vacuumed and leaving the entire surface clean. The brushes for the NETBOT S14 / S15 are marked with an L (Left) and a white dot, and an R (Right) and a yellow dot. The brushes are very easy to replace, as part of the maintenance of the robot from time to time. The body of the brush is made of ultra-resistant and long-lasting ABS plastic, and the bristles of the brush are made of nylon so as not to scratch or damage floors or furniture.

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