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Bread maker

Would you like to feel the smell of fresh bread each morning? With a bread maker machine it will be possible. It is an appliance that simplifies the whole process of kneading, mixing and baking allowing you to enjoy the best homemade bread daily. Choose one of our bread machines and feel that homely and familiar aroma.

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A bread maker  is one of those kitchen appliances specifically designed for turning measured raw ingredients into baked bread. Though some of their features vary, most of these machines have similar functions. You might not be a star baker, but a decent bread making machine can make you appear like one- all with little effort. Kneading the dough is the most demanding physical effort when baking bread. You should get the best bread maker if you need to make many loaves at the extra convenience. If you feel tired, or have reached the limit of making bread by hand, have any physical disability, new to bread baking, or you might be having a busy schedule, you stand to be the perfect candidate for the machine. Use this equipment alongside a sandwich toaster and the toasters to turn your loaves into a tasty meal.

What to consider before buying a bread maker machine?

These machines come in various designs and sizes, such as for vertical or horizontal loaves. Smaller sized easier to store machines solely designed for mixing /kneading the dough are also available, but they do not have any baking function. You should confirm the baking cycle before buying your preferred  machine. Put into consideration that the machine does need a fair amount of counter space or cabinet storage area. Consider too how much space you have in your kitchen since some loaf makers are huge while others more compact. Some bread making machines come equipped with a quick-bake function, and have the ability to bake dessert loaves. Here are other features you might want to consider before getting the maker:

  • Whether it makes a small or large loaf.
  • The dough cycles.
  • Browning choices.
  • Crust selection.
  • The interruption option to add other ingredients or fruit once the dough has already been mixed.

Benefits of using the bread machine

The best bread maker relieves you of all the hard work of kneading the dough, thus removing all the guesswork associated with testing the readiness of the dough. Besides using a stand mixer with a dough hook attachment or a food processor to mix the dough, the machine stands out to be the most time saving appliance since it gives you the option of continuing the process. Making your own bread at home is cheaper and healthier than buying from the supermarket or certain bakeries where most bread is made with some degree of baking enhancements. In terms of taste and quality, homemade bread beats bread bought from the store because the ingredients are fresh and of high quality.

  • Making work easier: The machine makes the whole process much easier by relieving you the stress of cleaning up the mess because all the kneading is done by the machine. All you need to do is to put the required ingredients in the maker, press the button, adjust the timer and that's it. The kitchen stays clean, while all that is required of you is to wait for your bread to be ready.
  • The bread making process: Work out the kind of bread you want to bake, and make sure that your machine includes those programs.  Add the raw recipe ingredients to the bread pan in the exact order listed and choose the cycle. The machine will mix and knead the bread dough and take it through a rest period and first rising to the second rising then finish by baking the bread in the machine. Full cycles range from two to three hours. You may need the vacuum sealer and the kitchen scale when through to weigh the loaves and pack them properly.