Hummus has become the fashionable aperitif and snack, thanks to the unbeatable combination between the simplicity of its preparation, how economical its ingredients are and its excellent nutritional properties.
Rations 6 people
Prep Time10 mins
Cooking time2 mins


  • 500 g cooked chickpeas
  • 80 g tahini
  • 1 large ripe avocado (about 200 g)
  • 2 cloves of garlic (to taste)
  • The juice of one lemon (about 45 ml)
  • 50 ml of ice water
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil (30 ml)
  • Salt to taste
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • Crudités (pita bread or bread sticks to accompany)

Step by step preparation

  • Put the blade accessory in the glass. Insert the 500 g of cooked chickpeas and the avocado (without skin and stone), set 1 minute at speed 10 and close the glass.
  • Open the Chefbot and push down with the spatula what may have stuck to the walls. Add the 80 g tahini, the 2 cloves of garlic, the 45 ml lemon juice, 50 ml iced water and salt to taste. Settle for 1 minute at speed 9 and close the glass.
  • Open the Chefbot and check that the hummus has the texture of a thick but silky cream. If you think it is a little lacking, program 30 seconds at speed 10 and close the glass.
  • Put the hummus in a bowl, cover it with kitchen film and leave it to rest for at least 30 minutes in the fridge so that the flavours mix well. Decorate with the two tablespoons of olive oil and freshly ground pepper. Serve at room temperature (or not too cold).

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