Oat drink is one of the cheapest alternatives to milk that we can prepare at home: besides being a really cheap cereal, we can reuse the pulp in biscuits, let it dry to make batter or add it to vegetable stews and creams. With this proportion we will get a drink with a creamy and surprisingly thick texture, which we can drink as it is (it is delicious flavoured with vanilla or cinnamon), accompanied by tea or coffee or used to prepare savoury dishes. If we are looking for a denser consistency, for use in vegetable creams or stews, we can reduce the amount of water to 800 ml.
Rations 1 unit
Prep Time35 mins
Cooking time3 mins

Products to prepare it with


  • 120 g of oat flakes
  • 1.2 l of water
  • 2-4 boneless dates (optional, for sweetening)

Step by step preparation

  • Leave the oat flakes in a container with water for at least 30 minutes, even overnight. Strain the oats and wash with water.
  • Put the blade accessory in the Chefbot’s glass. Add the drained oats, 1.2 l of fresh water and, if you want to sweeten it, 2 or 3 pitted dates. Set for 3 minutes at speed 9 and close the glass.
  • Open the glass of the Chefbot and strain the drink through a mesh strainer, a gauze or a cheesecloth. If desired, repeat the process to remove more residue. Store in the refrigerator in an airtight container and consume within 5 days.

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