Rum and sultana ice cream

They are good all year round and, if they are homemade, even better. This rum and sultana ice cream is a version of the delicious “Malaga” ice cream that is so famous in this Andalusian city. The Malaga sultanas give it an extraordinary sweet taste.
Rations 6 people
Prep Time1 d
Cooking time1 min


  • 600 ml whipping cream 35% fat
  • 40 gr condensed milk
  • 40 gr sultanas Malaga
  • 100 ml rum

Step by step preparation

  • Put your cream to cool in the freezer in advance (30 minutes). If the weather is hot, you can also put your Chefbot glass in it.
  • Place the whisk accessory in the Chefbot. Pour in the cooled cream and set it to speed 3. Close the lid.
  • Constantly watch its texture until it reaches the desired texture, like a mousse, which does not fall out, even if you tilt the glass. Be careful not to make butter.
  • Without removing the whisk accessory, add the condensed milk and program 40 seconds at speed 3.
  • Also, mix with the spatula with encircling movements.
  • Add your sultanas, which you will have soaked in rum for a couple of hours.
  • Drain the sultanas and add to the previous mixture.
  • Take the whole thing to a glass or metal container.
  • Keep in the freezer for at least 24 hours.
  • Take it out a few minutes before and accompany the ice cream with a wafer or biscuit.

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