Prepare delicious sandwiches, waffles or simply grill or toast snacks. The STONE 3-WAY sandwich maker with interchangeable plates is so versatile that allows you to have 3 models in one machine. Cook quickly, cleanly and easily by changing the format as you wish. With just one click you can enjoy delicious sandwiches, waffles or even roast meats, fish and vegetables whenever you want. It has a cable collection system and a clamp to keep it comfortably in an upright position, and its handles are covered with an anti-thermal material for greater safety. Its attractive, elegant and minimalist design together with its versatility makes it a practical and functional solution in your daily cooking.

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Discover the new CREATE IKOHS Grill and Waffle Sandwich Maker, the new STONE 3WAY. Probably the most versatile sandwich maker on the market, since with its removable and interchangeable plates you can choose at any time what you want to eat: a delicious sandwich that will come out cut into 4 triangular portions, a sweet waffle or you can simply toast a sandwich or roast your favorite food.

Its removable and interchangeable plates are cleaned very easily and are also dishwasher safe. The STONE 3WAY has a cool design reminiscent of a small travel case, and thanks to its locking clip you can store it upright so it takes up little space in your kitchen.

Enjoy with your friends or family all the advantages this new Sandwich maker offers, the non-stick coating of the Sandwich-waffle maker is free of PTEF, PFOA. It has a cable collection system, non-slip feet and a light indicator when the food is ready or made.

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