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Pack of functional, versatile and, above all, stylish kitchen appliances. Formed by the FRYER AIR oil-free air fryer, which allows you to cook much healthier since you do not have to use fat or oil, and the DOWNMIX RETRO multifunction planetary rotation kneader robot, with a stainless steel bowl, with which you can prepare an infinite number of dishes effortlessly, quickly and easily.

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Colour: Pastel pink

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1 X FRYER AIR, 1.5L hot air fryer that allows you to fry without oil obtaining an equally crispy result in a clean, healthy and smoke-free way. You can use it for baking. Compact and practical, with capacity for about 2 servings, it comes with an LCD screen to program the time and adjust the temperature from 80 to 200ºC. Cook healthy and clean since the hot air circulating at a high temperature cooks the food without adding fat. Fry in a very light and clean way without filling your kitchen with smoke and odors. In addition to their utility as a fryer, they can be used as a very compact tabletop oven, where we can prepare pastries or add a touch of browning or gratin to other foods.

1 X DOWNMIX RETRO Planetary mixer: Retro design, elegant and practical. Very easy to use and clean, with planetary rotation, automatic programmes and different accessories to practically turn your mixer into a food processor. It whips, mixes, emulsifies, effortlessly. Its stainless steel bowl with handle is removable to help you in your preparations. It has 3 types of accessories: A kneading hook, a rod for emulsifying and whipping, and the kneading paddle. It includes a mechanism that converts it into: a fresh pasta maker, a sausage and minced meat maker, and a salad grater, but these accessories are purchased separately.

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