Grill sandwich makers

Prepare the best toasts or sandwiches in just an instant with our new grill sandwich toasters. Choose the toastie maker that best suits your needs and make your breakfasts, snacks or dinners much more tasty.

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Sandwich toaster features

A sandwich maker is also known as a toastie maker or a sandwich toaster and it is a kitchen appliance that is used for cooking. It has a conclave or a square which most of the times are two and are hinged. This appliance is mostly made of aluminium or cast iron plates with long handles. It closely resembles the waffle iron but it does not have the honeycomb pattern. It is mostly used to heat, cook or seal a sandwich. This device has two compartments that can toast two sandwiches at the same time. The first sandwich maker is believed to be have been invented in the early 1920s however it was not yet patented up until March 1925. It was cretaed by Charles Champion, his other inventions include the com-popping machine that is also used in the mass production of popcorn. In the earlier years, this appliance was very popular among campers who used it to make sandwiches by placing it on camp fire, cutting the crusts of bread and placing the bread on it and wait until it turned brown. With time, recipes which included eggs, meat and vegetables were circulated as camping food ideas.

How to operate the toastie maker

The modern versions of this appliance are mostly for domestic use. It has subdivisions which allow pairs of bread to be put together around fillings to form sandwiches. This equipment works by providing pressure and heat to help seal the outer edges of the bread. The campfire versions can be used over open fire or coal or over a stove. The lightweight versions are made of non-stick aluminium to prevent this material from sticking to the food substance being prepared. In order to make the perfect sandwich, the buttered part of the bread needs to face up so when the plates on the sandwich toaster get hot, it heats up the bread to give it a brown and a crunchy taste. For chewier toasted bread it can be unbuttered and placed inside the device for a specific duration of time. There is another variant of this appliance which is known as the oven toaster. When using it, bread is arranged in an open face method and then it is toasted or grilled. This technique not only toasts the bread, it also warms the meat and the cheese. This type of a toaster is mostly used for commercial purposes especially in cafes and restaurants that experience a huge customer turnover.

Advantages of using a Sandwich Toaster

This is one of the oldest and the most used kitchen appliance in many homesteads. There are a quite a number of benefits of using this appliance and they are as follows:

  • The device takes a short time and cooks the bread evenly on all sides.
  • It is very easy to use and can be perfectly used by those with very little knowledge of how to operate some of the kitchen appliances.
  • Due to its compacts size it can be suitable for small kitchens.

To prepare the best breakfast, you can combine your sandwich maker with a toaster or a bread maker.

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