Elegant Wellness by IKOHS. The new precision scale calibrated with System HealthTech, the wellness technology for personal care. The bathroom scale Elegant Wellness records your real weight from its 4 Advanced measurement sensors. Take care of your health with IKOHS Wellness Technology.

*  2 AAA 1.5V batteries included

Special: Exclusive


- Functional and easy to use thanks to its LCD display and it`s flat and light design.

- With anti-humidity and fingerprint coating, it is very easy to clean and is made of ultra-resistant and secure materials, supports up to 180kg in weight.

- Its small non-slip base provide strong adhesion during use, it also includes a measuring tape to control the evolution of your body changes.

- It is practical, reliable and durable, and with a modern technology-style design, you can use it whenever you need it, to maintain exact control of your biometric evolution.

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