Preserves practically all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients of all your preparations with a powerful machine that works with a vacuum function, it can heat the preparations and with the press of a button, beat cold or hot, crush, cook, boil and crush ice .

Special: Exclusive

This item has special  conditions for return. A 50% decrease in purchase price will be applied to used kitchen products returned, even if they are in good condition.


Double processing power: Eight stainless steel blades that can rotate at 24,000 rpm, while their power to heat is 800W, the equivalent of a microwave. It can vacuum blend with -60kPa suction, eliminating oxidation of food.

Mix hot or cold , works with vacuum function , heats and keeps preparations warm at the touch of a button.

Vacuum function : Prevents oxidation of food, while preserving all of its vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Programmable: With an LED control panel, it has several pre-installed programs: Almond milk (dried fruit milk), soy milk, corn soup (or other cereals), soft fruit, hard fruit, smoothie and smoothie.

Its blades are made of reinforced stainless steel .

All of its non-electrical parts are dishwasher safe.

Large capacity: 1.4 liters when hot and 1.75 liters when cold.

Free of BPA and other toxins.

Tip: When you finish using it, put a little water with a few drops of soap in the glass and mix at any speed. This way you will clean the encrusted dirt with very little effort and without risk of cuts.

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