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Increase the versatility and performance of the CYCLONIC DC-FLUX 25.9V cordless cyclone vacuum cleaner with this accessory pack, consisting of a self-propelled brush for sucking up pollen and mites from upholstery, sofas and mattresses, a special brush for furniture that does not scratches surfaces and a flexible tube that fits both for easy handling when used as a handheld vacuum.

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1X CYCLONIC DC-FLUX 25.9V, 3-in-1 cyclonic vacuum cleaner without cables or bags. Powerful and silent, it quickly cleans all types of horizontal or vertical surfaces, especially the most delicate ones, eliminating allergens and purifying the air. Convertible into a handheld vacuum cleaner. With autonomy of 50 min. and 13 kPa. of suction power. It is very easy to handle and store.

1X SPECIAL BRUSH FOR MITES AND POLLEN, this self-propelled brush significantly increases the suction power of the cyclone vacuum cleaner and is capable of extracting mites, pollen and dust from upholstery, mattresses, car seats, sofas or any type of soft and porous surface. that are deposited with time inside.

1X SPECIAL BRUSH FOR FURNITURE , with soft bristles that are able to sweep the dust and dirt from the surface of the furniture without scratching them, helping the cyclonic vacuum cleaner with its broom effect to increase its effectiveness on this type of surface.

1X FLEXIBLE TUBE for accessories, designed to use the 3-in-1 cyclonic vacuum cleaner in its handheld vacuum cleaner mode, comfortably and effectively. It adapts perfectly with a single click to the accessories of the DC-CYCLONIC FLUX 25.9V, it is very light and flexible so that you can reach all corners with ease, such as inside vehicles.

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