New IKOHS AIRCALM DC ultra-quiet ceiling fan . Designed and created so that you only notice the freshness of your ventilation and the relaxation of feeling good. Manufactured low-consumption SLY DC-Copper motor, this type of motors are the most efficient in the market since they manage to develop all their performance with the minimum energy used. They are also much more resistant and durable. The design of its ultralight wooden blades makes it a tremendously silent fan in any of the 2 modes of its (winter-summer) function. Control it comfortably from the remote control and start enjoying all the calm it gives you.

Color motor:

Blade colour: Light wood

Model: Without light

Summer/winter function

Changing the blade rotation direction evenly distributes warmth from heating that rises to the ceiling in winter or dissipates warm air in summer, increasing energy efficiency.

In summer
In winter
6 speeds
153*15mm copper DC motor, even more efficient feature-energy cost ratio. With airflow for the six speeds of 85, 110, 140, 170, 200 and 210 CFM, operating at 100, 136, 167, 193, 210 and 223 rpm respectively.
Lightweight, with an aluminium body and ultra-light wooden blades for silent operation. You can instal it in your bedroom and use it while you sleep.
Programmable from 1 to 8h
It has a remote control and programmable 1-to-8-hour timer.
Several colours and finishes
You can choose to combine its nickel metallic body with natural or dark wooden blades.
132 cm in diameter
Its 132cm diameter generates a constant airflow in rooms of up to 20 m2.
23.5 cm tall
With a distance of 20 cm from the roof it fits well in any room.


- Efficient, powerful and silent: Amongst the many materials used to manufacture electric motors, the most efficient are made from copper. For example, the IKOHS Sly DC-Copper fan. Lower power consumption even at maximum power without loss of performance. Silent and much more resistant and durable. A real benefit in every aspect.

- Use all year round: it has a reverse function, summer / winter. With these functions, the fan reverses the direction of its rotation, managing to cool in the summer by dissipating the hot air, and heating in winter taking advantage of the heat emitted by the heating, which also means energy savings.

- The relaxation of being in control: Keeping your home ventilated and heated with the AIRCALM DC ceiling fan is very easy with the remote control and its timer (from 1 to 8 h) you can program and control it comfortably from a distance. It has 6 speeds which makes it a very functional and versatile fan.

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