Ceiling fan with 3 speeds that generate a constant and pleasant air flow in rooms of up to 20 m2. Its exclusive and sophisticated design is ultra-quiet and efficient. Control it comfortably with your remote control and program it up to 8 hours.

Color motor:

Blade colour: Light wood

Model: Without light

3 speeds
153*18mm copper AC motor, even more efficient feature-energy cost ratio. With airflow for the three speeds of 100, 175 and 220 CFM, operating at 100, 150 and 190 rpm respectively.
Lightweight, with an aluminium body and ultra-light wooden blades for silent operation. You can instal it in your bedroom and use it while you sleep.
Programmable from 1 to 8h
It has a remote control and programmable 1-to-8-hour timer.
Several colours and finishes
You can choose to combine its nickel metallic body with natural or dark wooden blades.
132 cm in diameter
Its 132cm diameter generates a constant airflow in rooms of up to 20 m2.
23.5 cm tall
With a distance of 20 cm from the roof it fits well in any room.


3 speeds to choose from and controllable timer through the remote control.

Lightweight design and ultra - light , sophisticatedly designed blades for quiet operation.

You can install it in the bedroom and use it while you sleep.

Programmable and intuitive: It has a remote control and a programmable timer from 1 to 8 hours.

Repels flying insects, avoids the annoyances of flies during the day and mosquitoes at night

AC 153 * 18mm copper motor, even more efficient in the performance-energy consumption ratio. With an air flow for the 3 speeds of 100, 175, 220 CFM, running at 100, 150, 190 rpm respectively.

Reduce your energy consumption: It hardly consumes energy to keep the house cool in summer, and in winter it optimizes the energy generated by heating.

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