To make citrus juices quickly, easy to use and with little mess. With interchangeable juicer cones system. Strong body made of stainless steel. With an elegant, light and compact design, it hardly takes up space in your kitchen.

Special: Exclusive

This item has special  conditions for return. A 50% decrease in purchase price will be applied to used kitchen products returned, even if they are in good condition.


Powerful: squeeze with little effort thanks to 160W of power.

Practical: it incorporates a stainless steel anti-drip juice outlet to avoid mess. Interchangeable juicer cones suitable for all types of citrus fruits.

Safe: Non-slip base with a cable compartment to prevent accidents and save space.

Easy to use: With a pressure lever to squeeze effortlessly.

Easy to clean: The seeds and the thickest pulp are collected in the removable filter. All non-electrical parts are dishwasher safe.

Respectful of your health and the environment: Its parts and accessories made of stainless steel and food plastic are free of BPA and other toxins.

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