Hot air fryer that allows you to fry without oil obtaining an equally crispy result in a clean, healthy and smoke-free way. You can use it for baking. Compact and practical, with capacity for about 2 servings, it comes with an LCD screen to control the temperature and cooking time.

Healthy and clean cooking
Hot air circulating at high temperature cooks the food without adding fat. Fry very lightly and cleanly without filling your kitchen with fumes and odours.
Fryer and oven
In addition to its usefulness as a fryer, it can be used as a very compact tabletop oven, where you can prepare pastries or brown or gratinate other foods.
Intuitive and user-friendly
With a digital display to set the time and adjust the temperature from 80 to 200ºC.


Power : 900W

With 1.5 L container to fry without oil up to 300g of potatoes or other foods (the equivalent of about 2 servings). It can be paused to move the ingredients so that they brown evenly.

Fryer and oven: Operating with hot air technology, it not only fries but also bakes food

Healthy and clean kitchen : Fry without filling your kitchen with smoke. It works without oil or with just a teaspoon, whichever you like best, and achieves tasty and crunchy results.

Compact design: available in various colors.

Intuitive and easy to use: With a digital display to program the time and adjust the temperature from 80 to 200ºC.

Easy to clean : With a removable tray to collect fat. All non-electrical parts are dishwasher safe.

Free of BPA and other toxins.

Tip: If you want to add a touch of flavor with oil without going overboard, use an oil spray or a brush.

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