Complete pack for daily hair care that covers all the needs of your hair so that you get the style you prefer at all times. Consisting of the CURLER CERAMIC triple tube styling corrugator, the DREAM CERAMIC ionic straightening iron and the DREAM BRUSH temperature selectable travel straightening brush.

Special: Exclusive


1X CURLER CERAMIC: Triple waving ceramic waving wand. With its three wavy tubes, get perfect curls and waves in half the time, without damaging or spoiling your hair. Easy to use and handle, it is very light and ergonomic, you can take it with you to touch up and shape your hair at any time. With MCH heating, this waver allows you to reach 200º in just 90 seconds, it has a ceramic coating, so you can protect your hair.

1X DREAM CERAMIC 2 IN 1: Ionic hair straightener and curler with 100W power. With ion generator for better hair care, straighten or curl according to your needs. It heats up quickly and you can control the temperature from its LCD screen. Temperature range from 120 ° to 210 ° And double security system: Lock, lock and automatic shutdown.

1X DREAM BRUSH: Electric straightening brush with selectable temperature and 360º multidirectional cable makes it optimal for both left and right handed users. Fast, light and easy to use, its small size allows you to take it with you whenever you want. Optimal results for a natural hairstyle that does not harm the health of your hair. With 2 types of bristles, three selectable temperatures (160º, 180º and 200º) and Auto Shut-Off security system.

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