Ironing center to remove wrinkles from all your garments with maximum comfort and speed thanks to its high-power pressurized steam: 7 bars of pressure. Stainless steel boiler, smart ironing system SCS (Steam Comfort Station) and two motors to apply the right pressure and temperature throughout the ironing.

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The new stainless steel steam boiler ironing center achieves a much denser and more pressurized steam than aluminum boilers.

With intelligent steam system SCS (Smart Control Steam) , which applies steam and temperature in an ultra-efficient way, achieving professional ironing results and great performance.

Its stainless steel boiler generates up to 7 bar of pressure , thus eliminating all wrinkles, sanitizing and deodorizing your clothes without damaging the fabrics, thanks to its non-stick ceramic coated sole.

High performance steam and professional results: 120 g / min of continuous high-density steam and 150 g / min of steam blast to smooth the toughest wrinkles while protecting fabrics.

Iron with steam, dry or even vertically , since its multidirectional cable and its ergonomic and lightweight design allow you to iron in the way that is most comfortable for you.

With 2 programs, Smart Steam and Eco that adapt perfectly to the fabrics of the garments to be ironed.

Great working capacity thanks to its 1.8L water tank , thermostat, security system, cable reel, and optimal temperature indicator.

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