Made of cast aluminum and non-stick marble coating free of toxic substances. Compatible with all types of kitchens.


For all types of kitchens : Suitable for induction, gas, ceramic, electric and halogen hobs.

Perfect cooking of food : Evenly distributes the heat. Its ergonomic handle and the higher height of the wall opposite the grip point make it especially suitable for sautéing food.

Strong and durable : Made of high-density cast aluminum, with the handle coated with Bakelite, a highly thermosetting and low-wear material.

Easy to clean : With non-stick coating to facilitate cleaning and prevent the mixture of odors and flavors between each use.

Retro design available in various colors

Size : 24cm in diameter and 6cm in height

Ideal design to turn your tortillas : the shape of this pan makes it perfect to fit the plate and to be able to turn the tortillas with ease.

Respectful with your health and the environment : It is free of toxins such as PTFE and PFOA

Complete your collection with the UMA pans and the PRO-PIRAX induction glass-ceramic hob

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