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New IKOHS ORH2500 oil radiator, with a modern design and efficient heating performance, ideal for comfortably acclimatizing bedrooms and larger rooms. With thermostat, timer and three power modes (+ ECO mode) you will be able to heat your home efficiently and quickly, without noises or smells. Thanks to the Termo-Radiant heating technology, the heat emitted by the ORH2000 is radiated throughout the room in a homogeneous manner, occupying all spaces and achieving a pleasant temperature of ideal comfort. It includes two instant shutdown safety systems, in case of overturning or overheating. Feel the warmth of your home again with IKOHS.


Feel the warmth of coming home with the new IKOHS ORH2000 oil radiator stove. The heating system with resistor and thermodynamic plates is much more efficient than you can imagine. Once the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat turns the radiator off, but thanks to the temperature reached by its oil plates, it continues to generate heat without energy consumption.

Radiators and oil stoves such as IKOHS ORH2000 are the safest way to heat rooms and other spaces in your home, since they do not require any type of fuel and thus they heat without smoke or smell. It also includes a double security system for instant shutdown in case of overturning or overheating for your total peace of mind.

With an elegant and minimalist design, thermostat, three heating power modes (plus Eco mode) you will get an ideal comfort temperature, with a radiated heat in a homogeneous, efficient and clean way that will wrap warmth to every corner of your home.