Kneader with grater attachment for making salads. Retro design, very practical and elegant. Convert it into a food slicer, shredder and slicer with this practical accessory. Plus, whisk, mix, emulsify, ride, effortlessly. Its stainless steel bowl with a handle is removable to help you with your preparations.


With an accessory for grating many foods to different degrees and making salads with ease. Also Beat, mix, emulsify, whip, effortlessly.

In addition, it has 3 types of accessories as standard: A dough hook, an emulsifying and mounting rod, and the dough paddle. All are easily interchangeable according to your needs.

Very easy to use and clean, with planetary rotation, automatic programs and different accessories to practically turn your mixer into a kitchen robot.

6 Speeds (44/62/82/93/123 / 142rpm) with planetary rotation system, to knead, beat or mount and that everything is just right, with the optimal density and texture.

High quality food stainless steel bowl with handle, which allows you to extract it and pour the contents of the preparation with greater comfort. Its total capacity is 5L and it can knead up to 1kg of flour.

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