Take care and feed your pet with this automatic pet feeder PETCARE HD by IKOHS. With Wi-Fi, app and a built-in HD 1080P Webcam with night vision and infrared so you can watch your pet from your mobile devide. Moreover, it has a Micro-SD card slot (card not included), voice recorder and speaker so you can call your pet at any time of the day. Suitable for supplying feed to medium-sized pets, with a capacity of 6 litres (3 kg of food) you can programme it for hours, days, weeks, with an unlimited number of dispensations, and in portions of 10 to 100g. It has a hermetic closure and anti-odor and anti-humidity system to better preserve the food, non-slip feet that prevent the movement of the bowl while the animal eats and a 2 m power cord to connect it anywhere in your house. With PETCARE HD you can take care of your pet when you are not at home, keeping their food and health in perfect condition.

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PETCARE HD is the new electric food dispenser with webcam and voice recorder, ideal to feed small and medium-sized pets. With PETCARE HD you can feed your pet from your mobile device via APP thanks to its Wi-Fi connection.

PETCARE HD has an HD webcam with night vision, Micro-SD card slot (card not included) and a recording speaker so you can observe your pet, call it to go for its food ration and be able to control its well-being at any time and anywhere.

In addition, this feeder for small and medium-sized pets also sends motion alerts and can also be used to monitor your home. The webcam has an encrypted signal system to prevent intrusion.

Suitable to provide food rations to dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and other small and medium pets (recommended for a maximum weight of 25 kg) PETCARE HD is a feeding system that benefits the health of your pet since it is never left unattended.

You can schedule it for hours, days, weeks, and PETCARE HD will promptly supply the number of rations scheduled for your pet to be well fed. With a tank with a hermetic anti-humidity seal and anti-odor with 6 litres capacity (3 kg of feed approx.), it dispenses rations of up to 100g.

In addition, PETCARE HD has a very powerful non-slip base so that when the animal eats, the bowl does not move and your pet can eat comfortably. Its 2 m long USB power cord allows you to place it conveniently.

Now you can interact with your favorite pet while you are not at home, you can record voice messages so they are played every time you feed your pets, see and hear your pet, or speak through the speaker to give orders.

With this IKOHS pet food dispenser, your dog or cat will always be taken care of even if you are not with them. Also suitable for pets with gluttony problems, as it supplies only the exact and suitable ration for each animal.

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