Complete and expand the possibilities of your kitchen robot CHEFBOT COMPACT STEAMPRO with the infinite wind-up PONDUS kitchen scale. Now our ChefBOT robot has the perfect kitchen helper, an innovative kitchen scale that does not need batteries or a charger to weigh your food. Get this IKOHS pack and expand your culinary horizons, including a comprehensive recipe book with 100 recipes, created specifically for your CHEFBOT COMPACT STEAMPRO!

Colour: Black

This item has special  conditions for return. A 50% decrease in purchase price will be applied to used kitchen products returned, even if they are in good condition.


1 x PONDUS Kitchen Scale without batteries. Pure invention, a simple turn of the dial and everything changes. Forget about worries, turn the wheel and ready to weigh. Its innovative infinite charging system drives a small coil that transmits its energy to a capacitor, generating enough power to accurately weigh the food and show its weight on the LED indicator.

1 X CHEFBOT COMPACT - Intelligent kitchen robot. Rediscover the pleasure of cooking more easily, quickly and without complications, while retaining all the flavours and nutritional properties of your favourite dishes. Whether you're a lover of traditional cuisine or a gourmet chef, with the new CHEFBOT COMPACT cooking robot from IKOHS can easily prepare all those delicious recipes that you imagined. CHEFBOT COMPACT steams, kneads, fries, cooks, sautées, grinds, and many other options by simply selecting the time and degree of cooking. Become an authentic and creative chef and surprise your friends and family with delicious dishes.

** The "Food Processor" lid is only suitable to be used with the slicing discs, it is not designed for any other type of use (cooking, whisking, etc.). It should only be used as a food processor and must be replaced by the main lid to continue cooking.

1 X STEAM BASKET - With steam cooking you can prepare your favourite dishes in the healthiest way. Steaming prepares foods while preserving their nutritional (vitamins and minerals) and organic (taste and texture) properties to the maximum. This accessory complements your CHEFBOT optimizing all its possibilities, and converts it it into an actual chef in your kitchen. Like the rest of accessories of the multifunction kitchen robot, the basket steamer with the double tray is made with BPA free materials, so you can have peace of mind whilst enjoying all your meals that you prepare with it.

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