A pair of products that complement each other perfectly: the planetary rotation kneader with three accessories and convertible into a sausage machine, meat grinder, fresh pasta machine and salad grater, along with an environmentally friendly kitchen scale and your health, since it does not use batteries or battery and lasts a lifetime.

Special: Exclusive


1 x RETRO DOWNMIX: Retro design, elegant and practical. Very easy to use and clean, with planetary rotation, automatic programs and different accessories to practically turn your mixer into a kitchen robot. Beat, mix, emulsify, whip, effortlessly. Its stainless steel bowl with a handle is removable to help you with your preparations. 6 Speeds, Bowl with high quality food grade stainless steel handle, It has 3 types of accessories: A dough hook, a stick to emulsify and mount, and the dough paddle. It includes a mechanism that turns it into: a machine to make fresh pasta, a stuffer to make from sausages to minced meat, and a grater for salads.

1 x PONDUS Kitchen scale without batteries or battery: Pure invention, a simple turn of the button and everything changes. New PONDUS precision kitchen scale, no batteries or battery! Forget worries, turn the wheel and ready to weigh. Its innovative infinite charging system operates a small coil that transmits its energy to a capacitor, generating enough power to accurately weigh food and display its weight on the LED indicator. No risk of leaks, no risk of accidental ingestion by a child, without relying on external energy, and much better than other scales: an advantage for the entire planet.

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