Smart thermos bottle made of food-grade stainless steel, silicon, aluminum and BPA-free to keep your drinks hot or cold for longer. You will be able to know the temperature at which your drink is thanks to the thermometer that it incorporates, which also reminds you that you must drink from time to time.

Colour: Red

This item has special  conditions for return. As a personal care or hygiene product, this product cannot be returned once it has been opened.
This item has special  conditions for return. A 50% decrease in purchase price will be applied to used kitchen products returned, even if they are in good condition.


Double inner layer of food grade stainless steel to keep your drinks in optimal conditions for longer.
Smart thermometer: Through its touch screen you can know the exact temperature of your drinks or the remaining battery level in your thermos bottle.
Built-in alarm that reminds you to drink from time to time to take care of your health.
Free of BPA plastics and made of noble, light and resistant materials such as silicon and exterior aluminum or interior stainless steel.
Easy to use and clean: You can wash non-electrical parts in the dishwasher.

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