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Spare parts and accessories to expand the versatility and functions of the CYCLONIC DC-FLUX 29.6V 3-in-1 Cyclone Vacuum. Composed of a furniture brush and a flexible extension tube to make it easier for you to handle when using it in its handheld vacuum cleaner form, and another special self-propelled brush to suck mites and pollen from couches, seats and upholstery that it connects directly to your vacuum cleaner.

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1 x Head with a special brush for mites and pollen: This accessory has a small self-propelled rotating central brush with nylon bristles that, together with the suction effect, effectively absorb mites, pollen and dust that hide inside of foam and fillings for sofas, seats and upholstery.

1 x Special furniture brush: Its ergonomic design in the form of an articulated comb and its soft bristles that do not damage the surfaces, allow you to remove dust and dirt quickly. If you use it together with the flexible extension tube, it is very comfortable, fast and effective.

1 x Flexible extension tube: Designed to fit perfectly to the body of the vacuum cleaner on one end, and to the accessory you want, to use on the other (except self-propelled brushes). In this way you can optimize the handling of the vacuum cleaner when you use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner and reach hard-to-reach corners in sofas and vehicles.