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More powerful, quieter, smarter. Thought and designed to make your life easier, with optimized gyroscopic mapping technology that memorizes cleaning routes in real time. Program it easily from your remote control or when you are not at home, from your APP (compatible with Alexa and Google Home). NETBOT S18 works for you: Sweep, Vacuum, Mop, Scrub. Purifies the sucked air thanks to its HEPA filter. Its set of brushes, together with the increased suction power ( up to 1800pA ), are perfect for removing from animal hair to the most encrusted dirt. With 2600mAh Li-Ion battery. INCLUDES: 2 mops, 1 HEPA filter, 4 side brushes, remote control, central roller, cleaning brush, magnetic tape, charging base, water tank and dust tank.

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GYROSCOPIC MAPPING TECHNOLOGY: One of the best surface mapping systems developed for cleaning robots. Thanks to it, NETBOT S18 can map out the cleaning process to be more efficient and save time and energy. Magnetic tape to prevent falls or delimit cleaning spaces, the NETBOT S18 is a real future solution in the present.

WORK ALWAYS YOU WANT: Through its WIFI connection compatible with Google Home and Alexa, you can configure it remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to put it to work at any time, so when you get home the work will be done and your home will be clean.

BEYOND THE POWER: With 1800Pa real suction power and three brushes (two lateral and one rotating center) NETBOT S18 adapts all its parameters to its 3 speeds & nbsp; suction and at 3 levels of scrubbing, to generate a suction vortex effect that achieves optimum cleaning efficiency.

ROBOTIC AVANT-GUARD SOLUTIONS: NETBOT S18 has been designed to be a real cleaning solution. That's why it incorporates 11 anti-collision sensors and 3 fall arresters, is capable of overcoming obstacles such as carpets and rugs of up to 1.8 cm and its sensors are prepared to work on high-contrast surfaces. It also includes a magnetic strip to prevent the robot from falling or to delimit cleaning spaces or areas you do not want your NETBOT S18 to access.

MULTICLEANING AT ALL LEVELS: Sweeps, sucks, mops, scrubs and purifies the aspirated air. Its double primary filter + HEPA is capable of removing 99% of pollen, mites and dust from the air. It then returns to its charging base when it has finished or detects that it is running out of battery.

START ENJOYING YOUR TIME: With the intelligent floor-washing robot from IKOHS, NETBOT S18 you will be able to have a real rest when you get home, you just have to program it from our APP or from its remote control (included) with LCD screen. You can program it up to 7 days, and rest while it cleans.


Model comparator

NETBOT LS27 - Robot intelligent laser vacuum cleaner with self-discharge base - 2700Pa NETBOT LASER LS23 ENDURANCE - Smart Laser Vacuum Cleaning Robot - 2300 Pa NETBOT LASER LS23 - Smart Laser Vacuum Cleaning Robot - 2300 Pa NETBOT S18 - Smart Vacuum Cleaning Robot - 1800 Pa NETBOT S15 2.0 - Smart Vacuum Cleaning Robot NEW APP - 1500 Pa NETBOT S12 - Smart Vacuum Cleaning Robot - 1200 Pa
Model LS27 449,95 € LS23 Endurance 499,95 € LS23 429,95 € LS18 399,95 € S15 2.0 165,95 € S12 139,95 €
Mapping technology 3D laser 3D laser 3D laser Gyroscopic Gyroscopic Gyroscopic
Battery 5200 mAh 5200 mAh 3200 mAh 2500 mAh 2600 mAh 2000 mAh
Suction power Up to 2700 Pa Up to 2300 Pa Up to 2300 Pa Up to 1800 Pa Up to 1500 Pa Up to 1200 Pa
Cleaning surface < 150m² < 200m² < 140m² 100-120m² < 120m² < 120m²
Autonomy < 200 min 90-160 min 90-120 min < 120 min < 120 min < 100 min
Sound level > 65 dB > 65 dB > 65 dB > 56 dB > 60 dB > 65 dB
Connectivity Wifi Wifi Wifi Wifi Wifi Remote control
Obstacle height clearance < 2cm < 2cm < 2cm < 2cm < 2cm < 1,5cm
Tank capacity 500ml + 110ml 600ml + 400ml 600ml + 400ml 600ml + 350ml 600ml + 400ml 600ml + 150ml
Auto-empty system Yes No No No No No
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