If you are a wine lover, with this product pack consisting of the WINECOOLER L electric wine cooler and the WINE TWIST bottle opener, you can enjoy your reserve of wines preserved in perfect conditions of light, humidity and temperature. In addition, you can uncork them cleanly and without effort. Choose the color of the wine cellar shelves, as well as that of the electric corkscrew.

Wine cooler: VINARIAM 1600

Colour: Black

This item has special  conditions for return. A 50% decrease in purchase price will be applied to used kitchen products returned, even if they are in good condition.


1 x WINECOOLER L (or WOOD L). Wine cooler designed to preserve, preserve and optimize your wines in perfect conditions of temperature, light and humidity thanks to the integral CellerTech system, which configures all its parameters to achieve a wine cellar that meets the most demanding standards. With capacity for 16 bottles, thermal range of 11 ° to 18 ° degrees, stainless steel or wood shelves, LED light without blue frequency to avoid the degradation of organic pigments in wine, energy class A, autodefrost and made with resistant and durable materials top quality, like your wines.

1 x WINETWIST The most comfortable and effective way to uncork your bottle of wine in the correct way. With a battery that provides enough autonomy to open up to 70 bottles and the express charging capacity to be able to uncork up to 10 bottles with just 5 minutes of charging through its USB cable. Constructed of stainless steel and heavy duty PC plastic, power indicator, 4 speed, reverse turn and turn indicator lights. Very light, with an ergonomic design and easy to use so that you can open your bottles with maximum precision and minimum effort, preventing pieces of cork from breaking or falling inside. WINETWIST comes with a capsule cutter blade to make the uncorking process even easier.

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