Enjoying delicious sandwiches and all kinds of meat is much easier with the new Stone Sandwich Grill 1500W. Discover all the advantages of taking to your kitchen this wonderful sandwich grill by IKOHS. Especially designed to grill meats and vegetables in a healthier way, since the non-stick coating allows you to cook without using oil or fats so that all your dishes will be perfect and much healthier.

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Get a perfect cook thanks to its optimum temperature indicator and its spacious plates coated with non-stick ceramic with a relief surface Grill type. You can also easily clean it thanks to its grease-collecting tray.

With its height-adjustable hinge and an opening angle of 105º, high-volume snacks will no longer be a problem for the Stone Grill 1500W. It has closing clamp so you can keep it comfortably in an upright position taking up the minimum space in your kitchen. Its handle does not transmit heat, so you can always open it to see the roast / toast point of your preparations.

Its elegant and minimalist design makes it a practical, versatile and functional solution. It is made of resistant and durable materials, free of PTEF, PFOA and other toxic materials, so that the whole family can enjoy a healthy and tasty meal.

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